The Legendary Rum Jungle


“Rum Jungle soon has a sea of smiling faces shaking their wrinkles to a steady stream of hot 12-bar R&B riffs that conjure memories of good times spent at the Lord Melbourne Hotel all those years ago … the sound is impressive and the band is firing.”  The Clothesline

 For a time in the late seventies, Rum Jungle was the most popular band in Adelaide, playing regular gigs at the Lord Melbourne Hotel. Then, in 1978, charismatic singer/guitarist Phil Colson and the band travelled to Bangkok for a mysterious gig. The trip destroyed the band. 36 years later Colson, James Black (keyboards and guitar), Bruce Sandell (tenor sax), Ian McDonald, Rod Cornish (bass) and drum maestro Mark Meyer re-grouped at Fringe 2015 in front of 400 fans to recreate the sound that kept the Lord Melbourne Hotel jumping for an era and shocked sedate Thai audiences. In 2018 Rum Jungle returns to the Fringe to give us another taste of their signature sound – blues, R&B, funk and debauchery. The band lay it on thick with nostalgia and reunite to play the music they love nearly 40 years after that mysterious Thailand gig... who knows where the night will lead

SHOWROOM: Feb 25 at 8.00pm $35 (90 mins)



The GC at The German Club 223 Flinders Street Adelaide

BOOK TODAY AT or 1300 621 255

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