The legendary Movin’ Melvin Brown


The GC is proud, pleased and cock-a-hoop to welcome a true legend in Three Outstanding Shows.

So many stars have left us in recent years but many live on in Movin' Melvin Brown. Melvin's pushing his mid-70s but carries on with all the energy of the R&B/rock'n'roll/soul generation he remains a part and hero of. Here is a song and dance man without equal, bringing three unique shows: the ground-breaking music of Chuck Berry; the intimate, music-filled story of his own remarkable life; and a chance to learn to tap like there's no tomorrow.



★★★★★  “Brown was born to perform.” 

Broadway Baby

★★★★ “His happy attitude spreads around the audience, young and old, like wildfire.”


“A fantastic performer. What an incredible life he's lived, and lives. A passionate entertainer. Living history.”


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