Mike Rudd’s 1st BASE in Life After Life


The irrepressible Mike Rudd may well enter a quieter, more minimalist phase when he kicks past his 100th birthday (such is his and medical science's optimism).

Anticipating that slightly in Life after Life, Spectrum’s main man and songwriter gives a sensitive but robust account of the Rudd (and Crudd) repertoires, with a little modern inserted into the vast reservoir of ancient, and all glowingly illuminated by accordionist George Butrumlis and bassist Jeremy Alsop, two of the best musicians around and now completing Mike's new band 1st Base.

Life after Life is an intimate, 90-seat and up close performance of an acoustically-skewed selection of Rudd’s highly individual music, which resonates with his hallmark reinvention and renewal.

Best known for his song I’ll Be Gone (Someday I’ll have money), a chart-topper for his band Spectrum back in 1971, Mike Rudd is a consummate performer who will balance you on the edge of pleasure and leave you wanting more.

CLUBROOM: Feb 16, 17 at 8.30pm $30/Grp$22.50 (90 mins)



The GC at The German Club 223 Flinders Street Adelaide

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